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Dubai tourists now allowed to buy alcohol from stores

Drinking alcohol will be legal in Dubai for travelers who obtain an authorization from one of the places designated by the authorities. This is a free 30-day license that can be obtained by non-Muslim visitors over 21 years old, used to buy and consume alcoholic beverages from stores during their stay.

To get the license, applicants have to present their passport in original, complete a form, sign a declaration on their own responsibility that they are not residents of the UAE, and confirm that they agree to the regulations governing the purchase, transport and consumption of alcohol in Dubai. The stores will keep a copy of the passport and entry visa, and the visitor will receive a leaflet with responsible consumption instructions in Dubai.

The Code of Conduct for Tourists include a list of five instructions:

  • Tourists under the age of 21 cannot buy or drink beverages
  • Consuming alcohol in public places
  • Walking on the street with the bottle on sight is forbidden
  • Driving under the influence is also forbidden
  • And it is still illegal to be seen dizzy in public places.

Licenses can be obtained from African + Eastern retailers and MMI.