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How do I use the new Revolut card, what is useful for, and how does it help you save money?
I've been using Revolut since July 2018 and I think the time has come for this honest blog post about my experience with this "bank".

Because our relationship is somewhat at the beginning, and I am usually very skeptik with new things (probably most people are), I am only topping up the account with rather small amounts of money or if I need to make a bigger purchase I will just top up right before the purchase, or just before departing onto the trip when I have one planned.

12 Smart travel tips for planning your vacation
Every vacation is an opportunity to add new tips and tricks to your list so that next time to be more prepared. Only when you think of vacation, expectations become so great that any problem that arises can turn your plans into a veritable fiasco.

Search and search all over again

Don’t rush! Search for deals early on, go to travel fairs, compare prices online and do not postpone to last-minute booking! Even if it seems thrilling to find accommodation while heading for your destination, the chances of finding cheap  accommodation rates are becoming very slim. Whether we are talking about accommodation or flight tickets, reserve about 50 days before for lower rates.

LOT Polish Airlines buys Condor for 300 million EUR
The debut of 2020 comes with great news for the German airline Condor, the subsidiary rescued after the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook UK. LOT Polish Airlines buys Condor for 300 million EUR. The announcement of the transaction was made on January 24, 2020.

The result? A new airlines group is emerging in Europe, which can carry over 20 million passengers annually. The focus will be on the core market in Germany and Poland.

Penang Escape Theme Park to open the world's longest water slide in Aug. 2019
Often, holidays are just about relaxing, eating and having a good drink. Sometimes, however, they are about entertainment. Thats what probably Escape Theme Park thought when they decided to build the world's longest water slide!

The water slide will be opened in August 2019 after years of planning and construction and will be 1,170 meters long and 78 meters in height. This means that the ride will last for around 4 minutes from the hilltop until the theme park's pool. It will be an interesting ride, since the water slide goes through the jungle.


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