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Cheap nonstop roundtrip flights from Zurich to Tel Aviv, Israel for only 320EUR in business class
25 September 2019
Cheap nonstop roundtrip flights from Zurich to Tel Aviv, Israel for only 320EUR in business class

Great sale from swiss with multiple date periods available starting from November until August

Flights must be booked for 2 pax to get this rate and start at 315EUR/person including Christmas, New year and Valentines day. Flights are on their Boeing 777s or Airbus 330s with lie-flat seats.

Zurich - Tel-aviv

Roundtrip Flight
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Zürich Airport
Ben Gurion International Airport
Includes: Handbag / Carry-on baggage / Checked baggage
Airline: Swissair
Departure 05.11.2019
Return 09.11.2019
Departure 12.11.2019
Return 17.11.2019
Departure 22.11.2019
Return 26.11.2019
Departure 03.12.2019
Return 07.12.2019
Departure 12.12.2019
Return 16.12.2019
Departure 24.12.2019
Return 28.12.2019
Departure 27.12.2019
Return 07.01.2020
Departure 09.01.2020
Return 14.01.2020
Departure 20.01.2020
Return 25.01.2020
Departure 03.02.2020
Return 08.02.2020
Departure 21.02.2020
Return 25.02.2020
Departure 13.02.2020
Return 17.02.2020
Departure 03.03.2020
Return 09.03.2020
Departure 12.03.2020
Return 18.03.2020
Departure 28.03.2020
Return 03.04.2020
Departure 23.04.2020
Return 29.04.2020
Departure 05.05.2020
Return 09.05.2020
Departure 14.05.2020
Return 18.05.2020
Departure 05.06.2020
Return 09.06.2020
Departure 12.06.2020
Return 16.06.2020
Departure 17.07.2020
Return 21.07.2020
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Zurich - Tel-aviv
Roundtrip FLIGHT
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